WELCOME!  Chain Of Saving Truth Ministries (C.O.S.T. Ministries) is dedicated to sharing truth, especially present truth, which is new light for our day.  There is much we need to know, and be grounded in, to be prepared for what is soon going to be coming upon our world.  Most Seventh-day Adventists have been thinking they have all the truth they need and are rejecting more (Revelation 3:16,17), with no idea they are doing like unbelieving Israel did before, in rejecting “the truth” (John 14:6) for their day.  Israel’s history has been repeating in the church, as Yah’s end-time people have been told.  (See much about that in the studies posted especially for SDAs.)

We are very close to when the Messiah/Christ is going to return for His faithful people, and there will be a final test of loyalty–whether to the true Creator God, or to a counterfeit creator–a test that will decide everyone’s character and eternal destiny before He returns (Revelation 22:11,12).  (See much about that in the studies on this site.)  We would be woefully unprepared for that test, if we were to neglect to make preparation beforehand (Matthew 24:24; 25:1-13).  If we fail to study–to understand and obey our Creator’s Word–we will fail His last test.  Let us all get ready and be waiting expectantly for our Savior’s imminent return!  Let us do all we can to help others realize what His truth for our day includes.  May we be blessed as we seek to do His will in our lives!


To go to one of the three main study sections on this site, click on one of the three pictures below, or select from the menu.  Feel free to share these picture studies with others, if you would like.  (This site is still being constructed, so please check back for more studies and information later.)  Thanks!