Here are the quotes from the picture and their references, followed by some context for those and other related statements (all-caps added for emphasis):

“When a GREAT AND DECISIVE WORK is to be done, God chooses MEN AND WOMEN to do this work, …” (Manuscript Releases Volume Seventeen, p. 218, by Ellen G. White)

“In ancient times the Lord … in His WORK … used WOMEN to gain GREAT AND DECISIVE victories.” (Letters from Ellen G. White to Sanitarium Workers, p. 1, by Ellen G. White)

“Something GREAT AND DECISIVE will soon of necessity take place.” (The Review and Herald, July 5, 1906 issue, article title: “Notes of Travel—No. 3, The Judgments of God on Our Cities,” par. 36, by Ellen G. White)

“The so-called Christian world is to be the theater of GREAT AND DECISIVE actions.” (Maranatha, p. 188, by Ellen G. White)

“The Lord has a GREAT WORK to be done. He has DECISIVE battles to be fought, and he calls upon young MEN AND WOMEN to fight for him, …” (The Watchman, June 18, 1907 issue, article title: “A Call To Service Mrs. E. G. White,” par. 6, by Ellen G. White)

“A GREAT WORK is to be done, and to those who know the truth for this time, this work has been entrusted.” (The Review and Herald, November 17, 1910 issue, article title: “Go, Preach the Gospel,” par. 18, by Ellen G. White)

“… [T]he refining, softening influence of Christian WOMEN is needed in the GREAT WORK of preaching the truth now.” (The Signs of the Times, September 16, 1886 issue, article title: “Women as Christian Laborers,” par. 10, by Ellen G. White)


“Sunday, August 27. Today we are to ride to Wyee, a place about six or seven miles away, to visit the railway workers and speak to those who want to hear the words of truth. I have thought how profitable it would be to have minute men, laborers together with God, who would be instant in season and out of season. The Lord’s work is not to stand on ceremony, with a precise time to be observed for every line of work. WHEN A GREAT AND DECISIVE WORK IS TO BE DONE, GOD CHOOSES MEN AND WOMEN TO DO THIS WORK, and it will feel the loss if the talents of both are not combined.

“God has divine methods. David expresses the ways of God. ‘O God, Thou hast taught me from my youth,’ he says, ‘and hitherto have I declared Thy wondrous works.’ He declares that though [he is] old and grey headed, his zeal has not diminished. He entreats the Lord not to leave him to his own wisdom, but to remain with him, that he may bear testimony to the youth that are springing up around him.

“THE LORD HAS A GREAT WORK TO BE DONE, AND HE WILL BEQUEATH THE MOST IN THE FUTURE TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THE MOST IN THE PRESENT. The Lord chooses His own agents, and each day under different circumstances gives them a trial in His plan of operations. In each wholehearted, true endeavor to work out His plans, He chooses His agents, not because they are perfect, but that, they may gain perfection of character through connection with His work.” (Manuscript Releases Volume Seventeen, pp. 218, 219, by Ellen G. White)


“IN ANCIENT TIMES THE LORD worked in a wonderful way through consecrated women who united IN HIS WORK with men whom He had chosen to stand as His representatives. He USED WOMEN TO GAIN GREAT AND DECISIVE VICTORIES. More than once, in times of emergency, He brought them to the front and worked through them for the salvation of many lives. Through Esther the queen, the Lord accomplished a mighty deliverance for his people. At a time when it seemed that no power could save them, Esther and the women associated with her, by fasting and prayer and prompt action, met the issue, and brought salvation to their people.

“A STUDY OF WOMEN’S WORK IN CONNECTION WITH THE CAUSE OF GOD IN OLD TESTAMENT TIMES WILL TEACH US LESSONS THAT WILL ENABLE US TO MEET EMERGENCIES IN THE WORK TODAY. We may not be brought into such a critical and prominent place as were the people of God in the time of Esther; but often converted women can act an important part in more humble positions. This many have been doing, and are still ready to do. It is a woman’s duty to unite with her husband in the discipling [disciplining] and training of her sons and daughters, that they may be converted, and their powers consecrated to the service of God. There are many who have ability to stand with their husbands in sanitarium work, to give treatments to the sick and to speak words of counsel and encouragement to others. There are those who should seek an education that will fit them to act the part of physicians.” (Letters from Ellen G. White to Sanitarium Workers, pp. 1,2, by Ellen G. White)


“Nov. 12, 1902: ‘THE TIME IS NEARING WHEN THE GREAT CRISIS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD WILL HAVE COME, when every movement in the government of God will be watched with intense interest and inexpressible apprehension. In quick succession the judgments of God will follow one another,–fire and flood and earthquakes, with war and bloodshed. SOMETHING GREAT AND DECISIVE WILL SOON OF NECESSITY TAKE PLACE.’

“May 27, 1903: ‘The mercy of God is shown by his long forbearance. He is holding back his judgments, waiting for the message of warning to be sounded to all. There are many who have not yet heard the testing truths for this time. The last call of mercy is to be given more fully to our world. The truths of the eighteenth and nineteenth chapters of Revelation should be read and understood by all.’

“April 9, 1903: ‘The divine statutes have been set aside. The time will soon come when God will vindicate his insulted authority. ‘The Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: and the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.’ ‘Who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth?’’” (The Review and Herald, July 5, 1906 issue, article title: “Notes of Travel—No. 3, The Judgments of God on Our Cities,” pars. 36-38, by Ellen G. White)


“In homage to the Papacy the United States will not be alone. The influence of Rome in the countries that once acknowledged her dominion, is still far from being destroyed.

“In the last conflict the Sabbath will be the special point of controversy throughout all Christendom. Secular rulers and religious leaders will unite to enforce the observance of the Sunday; and as milder measures fail, the most oppressive laws will be enacted. It will be urged that the few who stand in opposition to an institution of the church and a law of the land ought not to be tolerated. . . . Romanism in the Old World, and apostate Protestantism in the New, will pursue a similar course toward those who honor the divine precepts.

“THE SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN WORLD IS TO BE THE THEATER OF GREAT AND DECISIVE ACTIONS. Men in authority will enact laws controlling the conscience, after the example of the Papacy. Babylon will make all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. Every nation will be involved. [Revelation 18:3-7 quoted.]

“The warning of the third angel [of Revelation 14] . . . is represented in the prophecy as being proclaimed with a loud voice, by an angel flying in the midst of heaven; and it will command the attention of the world.

“In the issue of the contest all Christendom will be divided into two great classes–those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, and those who worship the beast and his image and receive his mark. Although church and state will unite their power to compel ‘all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond’ (Revelation 13:16), to receive ‘the mark of the beast,’ yet the people of God will not receive it. The prophet of Patmos beholds ‘them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God’ and singing the song of Moses and the Lamb. Revelation 15:2, 3.” (Maranatha, p. 188, by Ellen G. White)


“The labor for which Christ saw there was so much need was harvesting. Harvesters are few. The work of gathering in the grain takes tact and skill, that none be lost. Winnowers of souls are needed in every place where the standard of truth, on which is inscribed the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, has been uplifted.

“‘The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few.’ When Christ made this statement, there were scribes and Pharisees, priests and rulers, in every city and town in the land. But the Saviour saw that these teachers were wholly unfitted to minister to the spiritual needs of the people. ‘Ye know not the Scriptures, neither the power of God,’ he said to them. Ye teach for doctrine the commandments of men.

“To every one God has committed a work. Each one is invited to take Christ’s yoke and learn of him. Intensity is needed in the work of seeking to save those who are perishing out of Christ. Satan is intense in his efforts to deceive souls and gather them under his banner of apostasy and rebellion, and his helpers are without number.

“THE LORD HAS A GREAT WORK TO BE DONE. HE HAS DECISIVE BATTLES TO BE FOUGHT, AND HE CALLS UPON YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN TO FIGHT FOR HIM, to consecrate themselves to his work. ‘I have written unto you, young men, ‘John says, ‘because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one…. Ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things. I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.’” (The Watchman, June 18, 1907 issue, article title: “A Call To Service Mrs. E. G. White,” pars. 3-6, by Ellen G. White)


“The judgments of God are hanging over our cities. We know not how soon they will be visited by just such a calamity as recently befell Italy. I pray for the deep movings of the Holy Spirit on the hearts of God’s people, that this message,–the last message of warning,–may be given without delay. The day of the Lord is hasting greatly. The end is nearer than when we first believed.

“Everything in this world is in an unsettled state. The nations are angry, and preparations for war are being made. But though there is among the nations an increasing unrest, though they are mustering their forces, they are as if held back from action by an unseen power. The angels are holding the four winds until the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads.

“Soon strife among the nations will break out with an intensity that we do not now anticipate. The present is a time of overwhelming interest to all living. Rulers and statesmen, men who occupy positions of trust and authority, thinking men and women of all classes, have their attention fixed upon the events taking place about us. They are watching the strained, restless relations that exist among the nations. They observe the intensity that is taking possession of every earthly element, and THEY REALIZE THAT SOMETHING GREAT AND DECISIVE IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE, THAT THE WORLD IS ON THE VERGE OF A STUPENDOUS CRISIS.

“A moment of respite has been graciously given us of God. Every power lent us of Heaven is now to be used in working for those perishing in ignorance. There must be no delay. The truth must be proclaimed in the dark places of the earth. Obstacles must be met and surmounted. A GREAT WORK IS TO BE DONE, AND TO THOSE WHO KNOW THE TRUTH FOR THIS TIME, THIS WORK HAS BEEN ENTRUSTED.” (The Review and Herald, November 17, 1910 issue, article title: “Go, Preach the Gospel,” pars. 15-18, by Ellen G. White)


“The Lord of the vineyard is saying to many women who are now doing nothing, ‘Why stand ye here all the day idle?’ They may be instruments of righteousness, rendering holy service. It was Mary who first preached a risen Jesus; and THE REFINING, SOFTENING INFLUENCE OF CHRISTIAN WOMEN IS NEEDED IN THE GREAT WORK OF PREACHING THE TRUTH NOW. IF THERE WERE TWENTY WOMEN WHERE NOW THERE IS ONE WHO WOULD MAKE THE SAVING OF SOULS THEIR CHERISHED WORK, WE SHOULD SEE MANY MORE CONVERTED TO THE TRUTH. Zealous and continued diligence in the cause of God would be wholly successful, and would astonish them with its results. The work must be accomplished through patience and perseverance, and in this is manifested the real devotion to God. He calls for deeds, and not words only.

“The work of God is worthy of our best efforts. In fulfillment of the divine plan, the Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost. He taught the erring and sinful ones whom he came to save, and wrestled in earnest prayer to his Father in their behalf; and we should engage in the same work. If it was not beneath the dignity of the Son of God, the Creator of worlds, should it be considered too humiliating or too self-sacrificing for his followers?–No, indeed. However aspiring we may be, there is no calling that is higher, holier, and more ennobling than to be a co-laborer with the Son of God.” (The Signs of the Times, September 16, 1886 issue, article title: “Women as Christian Laborers,” pars. 10,11, by Ellen G. White)


“Daily, in the words we speak, in the plans we form, in the acts we perform, we are making impressions for good or for evil upon those with whom we come in contact. In all we do and say we should testify for Christ. THERE IS A GREAT WORK TO BE DONE IN A SHORT TIME, AND THOSE WHO HAVE OBTAINED A KNOWLEDGE OF PRESENT TRUTH ARE CALLED TO BE LABORERS IN THE CAUSE. Said Christ to His disciples, ‘as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick. . . .Behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.’” (Manuscript Releases Volume Seven, p. 306, by Ellen G. White)


“The people whom God has made the depositaries of his law are not to permit their light to be hidden. The truth must be proclaimed in the dark places of the earth. Obstacles must be met and surmounted. A GREAT WORK IS TO BE DONE, AND THIS WORK HAS BEEN INTRUSTED TO THOSE WHO KNOW THE TRUTH. They should make mighty intercession with God for help now. The love of Christ must be diffused in their own hearts. The Spirit of Christ must be poured out upon them, and they must be making ready to stand in the judgment. While they are consecrating themselves to God, a convincing power will attend their efforts to present the truth to others, and its light will find access to many hearts. We must sleep no longer on Satan’s enchanted ground, but call into requisition all our resources, and avail ourselves of every facility with which Providence has furnished us. The last warning is to be proclaimed ‘before many people, and nations, and tongues, and kings;’ and the promise is given, ‘Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.’” (The Review and Herald, December 11, 1888 issue, article title: “The Approaching Crisis,” par. 12, by Ellen G. White)


“December 10, 1871, I WAS SHOWN THAT GOD WOULD ACCOMPLISH A GREAT WORK THROUGH THE TRUTH, IF DEVOTED, SELF-SACRIFICING MEN WOULD GIVE THEMSELVES UNRESERVEDLY TO THE WORK OF PRESENTING THE TRUTH TO THOSE IN DARKNESS. THOSE WHO HAVE A KNOWLEDGE OF THE PRECIOUS TRUTH, WHO ARE CONSECRATED TO GOD, SHOULD AVAIL THEMSELVES OF EVERY OPPORTUNITY WHERE THERE IS AN OPENING TO PRESS IN THE TRUTH. Angels of God are moving on the hearts and consciences of the people of other nations, and honest souls are troubled as they witness the signs of the times in the unsettled state of the nations. The inquiry arises in their hearts, What will be the end of all these things? While God and angels are at work to impress hearts, the servants of Christ seem to be asleep. There are but few working in unison with the heavenly messengers. ALL MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE CHRISTIANS IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD SHOULD BE WORKERS IN THE VINEYARD OF THE LORD. They should be wide awake, zealously laboring for the salvation of their fellow men, and should imitate the example the Saviour of the world has given them in his life of self-denial, and sacrifice, and faithful, earnest labor.” (Testimony to the Church, p. 201, by Ellen G. White)


“The angel who unites in the proclamation of the third angel’s message is to lighten the whole earth with his glory. A work of world-wide extent and unwonted power is here foretold. The Advent movement of 1840-44 was a glorious manifestation of the power of God; the first angel’s message was carried to every missionary station in the world, and in some countries there was the greatest religious interest which has been witnessed in any land since the Reformation of the sixteenth century; but these are to be far exceeded by the mighty movement under the last warning of the third angel.

“THE WORK WILL BE SIMILAR TO THAT OF THE DAY OF PENTECOST. As the ‘former rain’ was given, in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the opening of the gospel, to cause the upspringing of the precious seed, so the ‘latter rain’ will be given at its close, for the ripening of the harvest. ‘Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord; his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.’ [Hosea 6:3.] ‘Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God; for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain.’ [Joel 2:23.] ‘In the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh.’ ‘And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.’ [Acts 2:17, 21.] THE GREAT WORK OF THE GOSPEL IS NOT TO CLOSE WITH LESS MANIFESTATION OF THE POWER OF GOD THAN MARKED ITS OPENING. The prophecies which were fulfilled in the outpouring of the former rain at the opening of the gospel, are again to be fulfilled in the latter rain at its close. Here are ‘the times of refreshing’ to which the apostle Peter looked forward when he said, ‘Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out [in the investigative Judgment], when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; and he shall send Jesus.’ [Acts 3:19, 20.]

“SERVANTS OF GOD, WITH THEIR FACES LIGHTED UP AND SHINING WITH HOLY CONSECRATION, WILL HASTEN FROM PLACE TO PLACE TO PROCLAIM THE MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN. BY THOUSANDS OF VOICES, ALL OVER THE EARTH, THE WARNING WILL BE GIVEN. Miracles will be wrought, the sick will be healed, and signs and wonders will follow the believers. Satan also works with lying wonders, even bringing down fire from heaven in the sight of men. [Revelation 13:13.] Thus the inhabitants of the earth will be brought to take their stand.

“The message will be carried not so much by argument as by the deep conviction of the Spirit of God. The arguments have been presented. The seed has been sown, and now it will spring up and bear fruit. The publications distributed by missionary workers have exerted their influence, yet many whose minds were impressed have been prevented from fully comprehending the truth or from yielding obedience. Now the rays of light penetrate everywhere, the truth is seen in its clearness, and the honest children of God sever the bands which have held them. Family connections, church relations, are powerless to stay them now. Truth is more precious than all besides. Notwithstanding the agencies combined against the truth, a large number take their stand upon the Lord’s side.” (The Great Controversy [1888], pp. 610-612, by Ellen G. White)


“The people in Greater New York need gospel teaching. But the parade you make destroys the impressions that God desires you to leave on their minds by your presentation of truth. Christlike words and deeds have far more influence for good than all the outward show and expensive preparations that can be made. Expending money for display is not the way to get the truth before the people. It is the way to keep Christ hidden. Conduct your meetings with the solemnity befitting the importance and sacredness of the testing truths that you are presenting, praying constantly, and constantly drawing nearer to God.

“Lift up Christ, the sin-pardoning Saviour. Bend all your efforts to proclaiming His message of forgiveness. A GREAT WORK IS TO BE DONE. IN THE FUTURE THERE WILL BE MANY CONVERSIONS. SOME NOW IN ERROR WILL BE PREACHING THE TRUTH.” (Manuscript Releases Volume Four, p. 276, by Ellen G. White)


“The history of nations speaks to us today. To every nation and to every individual God has assigned a place in His great plan. Today men and nations are being tested by the plummet in the hand of Him who makes no mistake. All are by their own choice deciding their destiny, and God is overruling all for the accomplishment of His purposes.

“The prophecies which the great I AM has given in His word, uniting link after link in the chain of events, from eternity in the past to eternity in the future, tell us where we are today in the procession of the ages and what may be expected in the time to come. All that prophecy has foretold as coming to pass, until the present time, has been traced on the pages of history, and we may be assured that all which is yet to come will be fulfilled in its order.

“TODAY THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES DECLARE THAT WE ARE STANDING ON THE THRESHOLD OF GREAT AND SOLEMN EVENTS. Everything in our world is in agitation. Before our eyes is fulfilling the Saviour’s prophecy of the events to precede His coming: ‘Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. . . . Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.’ Matthew 24:6, 7.

“The present is a time of overwhelming interest to all living. Rulers and statesmen, men who occupy positions of trust and authority, thinking men and women of all classes, have their attention fixed upon the events taking place about us. They are watching the relations that exist among the nations. THEY OBSERVE THE INTENSITY THAT IS TAKING POSSESSION OF EVERY EARTHLY ELEMENT, AND THEY RECOGNIZE THAT SOMETHING GREAT AND DECISIVE IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE–THAT THE WORLD IS ON THE VERGE OF A STUPENDOUS CRISIS.

“THE BIBLE, AND THE BIBLE ONLY, GIVES A CORRECT VIEW OF THESE THINGS. HERE ARE REVEALED THE GREAT FINAL SCENES IN THE HISTORY OF OUR WORLD, events that already are casting their shadows before, the sound of their approach causing the earth to tremble and men’s hearts to fail them for fear.

“‘Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof; . . . because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate.’ Isaiah 24:1-6.

“‘Alas for the day! for the day of the Lord is at hand, and as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come. . . . The seed is rotten under their clods, the garners are laid desolate, the barns are broken down; for the corn is withered. How do the beasts groan! the herds of cattle are perplexed, because they have no pasture; yea, the flocks of sheep are made desolate.’ ‘The vine is dried up, and the fig tree languisheth; the pomegranate tree, the palm tree also, and the apple tree, even all the trees of the field, are withered: because joy is withered away from the sons of men.’ Joel 1:15-18, 12.

“‘I am pained at my very heart; . . . I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war. Destruction upon destruction is cried; for the whole land is spoiled.’ Jeremiah 4:19, 20.

“‘Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it.’ Jeremiah 30:7.

“‘Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge,
Even the Most High, thy habitation;
There shall no evil befall thee,
Neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.’
Psalm 91:9, 10.

“‘O daughter of Zion, . . . the Lord shall redeem thee from the hand of thine enemies. Now also many nations are gathered against thee, that say, Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion. But they know not the thoughts of the Lord, neither understand they His counsel.’ Micah 4:10-12. God will not fail His church in the hour of her greatest peril. He has promised deliverance. ‘I will bring again the captivity of Jacob’s tents,’ He has declared, ‘and have mercy on his dwelling places.’ Jeremiah 30:18.

“Then will the purpose of God be fulfilled; the principles of His kingdom will be honored by all beneath the sun.” (Prophets and Kings, pp. 536-538, by Ellen G. White)


“The Lord is soon to come. Wickedness and rebellion, violence and crime, are filling the world. The cries of the suffering and the oppressed rise to God for justice. In the place of being softened by the patience and forbearance of God, the wicked are growing stronger in stubborn rebellion. The time in which we live is one of marked depravity. Religious restraint is thrown off, and men reject the law of God as unworthy of their attention. A more than common contempt is placed upon this holy law. David in his time saw the wickedness of the last days. He saw the law of God’s kingdom trampled under foot, and in righteous indignation he exclaimed, ‘It is time for thee, Lord, to work: for they have made void thy law.’

“Men are now passing the boundary line, and the Lord is permitting the enemy to do his will. We hear of floods, of earthquakes, of storms by land and on the sea, blotting out hundreds of lives in a moment of time; but the end is not yet. The tread of the Lord will be heard upon the land and upon the water. For his own honor’s sake, God is now about to repress iniquity. He will soon, very soon, vindicate the claims of his law.

“The final overthrow of all earthly dominions is plainly foretold in the Word of truth. In the prophecy uttered when sentence from God was pronounced upon the last king of Israel, is given the message:—

“‘Thus saith the Lord God; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: . . . exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.’

“The crown removed from Israel passed successively to the kingdoms of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. God says, ‘It shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.’

“THAT TIME IS AT HAND. TODAY THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES DECLARE THAT WE ARE STANDING ON THE THRESHOLD OF GREAT AND SOLEMN EVENTS. Everything in our world is in agitation. Before our eyes is fulfilling the Saviour’s prophecy of the events to precede his coming: ‘Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. . . . Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.’

“The present is a time of overwhelming interest to all living. Rulers and statesmen, men who occupy positions of trust and authority, thinking men and women of all classes, have their attention fixed upon the events taking place about us. They are watching the strained, restless relations that exist among the nations. THEY OBSERVE THE INTENSITY THAT IS TAKING POSSESSION OF EVERY EARTHLY ELEMENT, AND THEY REALIZE THAT SOMETHING GREAT AND DECISIVE IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE–THAT THE WORLD IS ON THE VERGE OF A STUPENDOUS CRISIS.

“Angels are now restraining the winds of strife, until the world shall be warned of its coming doom; but a storm is gathering, ready to burst upon the earth, and when God shall bid his angels loose the winds, there will be such a scene of strife as no pen can picture.” (The Review and Herald, November 23, 1905 issue, article title: “The Time of the End,” pars. 1-8, by Ellen G. White)


“The signs in the sun, moon, and stars have been fulfilled. Since that time earthquakes, tempests, tidal waves, pestilence, and famines have multiplied. The most awful destructions, by fire and flood, are following one another in quick succession. THE TERRIBLE DISASTERS THAT ARE TAKING PLACE FROM WEEK TO WEEK SPEAK TO US IN EARNEST TONES OF WARNING, DECLARING THAT THE END IS NEAR, THAT SOMETHING GREAT AND DECISIVE WILL SOON OF NECESSITY TAKE PLACE.

“CONFUSION FILLS THE WORLD, AND A GREAT TERROR IS SOON TO COME UPON HUMAN BEINGS. The end is very near. We who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise.

“Probationary time will not continue much longer. Now God is withdrawing his restraining hand from the earth. Long has he been speaking to men and women through the agency of his Holy Spirit; but they have not heeded the call. Now he is speaking to his people, and to the world, by his judgments. The time of these judgments is a time of mercy for those who have not yet had opportunity to learn what is truth. Tenderly will the Lord look upon them. His heart of mercy is touched; his hand is still stretched out to save.” (The Watchman, December 1, 1909 issue, article title: “‘Even at the Door,’” pars. 1-3, by Ellen G. White)


“A crisis has arisen in the government of God on earth. Enmity to God has struck its roots deep in human hearts. It has become widespread, both in the world and in the professed churches of Christ. A wakeful impiety is quickened into an instinctive vigilance, and rouses to demonstration of hatred against the testing truth for this time. Wherever the truth is proclaimed, it will be opposed in a decided manner.

“Everything has been moving on just as the Lord revealed in prophecy that it would. SOMETHING GREAT AND DECISIVE IS SOON TO TAKE PLACE, ELSE NO FLESH WOULD BE SAVED. The character of God will not be compromised. UNDER THE WRATH OF GOD, UNIVERSAL DESOLATION WILL SOON REACH ALL PARTS OF THE KNOWN WORLD. There have been lightnings and earthquakes, fires and floods, calamities by sea and land; but who reads these warnings? What impression is made upon the world? What change in their attitude is seen? No more than was seen in the inhabitants of the Noachian world. The people are just as ardent today in their games, in their horse racing, in their love of amusement, as were the antediluvians, who ‘knew not until the flood came, and took them all away,’ They had heaven-sent warnings, but they refused to listen. By their attitude they declared, We want not thy way, O God; we want our own way, our own will. Today the world is mad: an insanity is upon men and women, and is hurrying them on to eternal ruin. Every species of indulgence prevails, and men have become so infatuated with vice that they will not listen to warnings or appeals.” (The Review and Herald, November 27, 1900 issue, article title: “Prepare to Meet the Lord,” pars. 1,2, by Ellen G. White)


“While men are trying to settle the question of the color line, time rolls on, and souls go down into the grave, unwarned and unsaved. Let this condition of things continue no longer. LET MEN AND WOMEN GO TO WORK, AND LET THEM LABOR AS THE SPIRIT OF GOD SHALL IMPRESS THEIR MINDS. WE NEED THE TALENT OF THE COLORED BELIEVERS, EVERY JOT OF IT, IN THIS WORK. Let colored workers labor for their own people, assisted by white workers as occasion demands. They will often need counsel and advice. Let the colored believers have their place of worship and the white believers their place of worship. Let each company be zealous to do genuine missionary work for its own people and for the colored people wherever and whenever they can.

“When the truth has been presented in a place, and as many white people as will hear and believe have accepted the truth, opportunities will sometimes appear for efforts to be made, in a quiet, unobtrusive manner, by white laborers for the colored people. Such opportunities should not be overlooked.

“But we must not unnecessarily arouse prejudice that would close the way against the proclamation of the third angel’s message to the white people. They need this message; for a time of trouble is before us, such as never was since there was a nation.

“Great care must be exercised that nothing be said or done to inflame the feelings of the colored people against the whites. Let us not aggravate the difficulties that already exist. However wisely the workers labor, they will have opposition to meet, without creating an agitation over the color line. Let us clear the King’s highway. Let God have a chance to work. Let men keep out of His way. He will plan and manage better than human beings possibly can. LET US REMEMBER THAT OUR FIRST GREAT WORK IS TO PREACH THE WORD OF GOD, TO GIVE THE WARNINGS OF THE BIBLE.

“The Lord calls upon all to take up the work in humility of mind. The ministers are not all sanctified through the truth. The Lord calls upon all to lay down their controversies. Let men beware of doing that which would cut off our last hope of entering difficult fields where there is race prejudice and antagonism.

“As a means of overcoming prejudice and gaining access to minds, medical missionary work must be done, not in one or two places only, but in many places where the truth has not yet been proclaimed. We are to work as gospel medical missionaries, to heal the sin-sick souls by giving them the message of salvation. This work will break down prejudice as nothing else can.” (Testimonies for the Church Volume Nine, pp. 210,211, by Ellen G. White)


“I have been given a representation of the preaching of the word of truth with clearness and power in many places where it has never been heard. THE LORD WOULD HAVE THE PEOPLE WARNED; FOR A GREAT WORK WILL BE DONE IN A SHORT TIME. I have heard the word of God proclaimed in many localities outside the city of Chicago. There were many voices proclaiming the truth with great power. That which they proclaimed was not fanciful theories, but the warning message. While the solid truth of the Bible came from the lips of men who had no fanciful theories or misleading science to present, there were others who labored with all their power to bring in false theories regarding God and Christ. And miracles were wrought, to deceive, if possible, the very elect.

“I HEARD THE MESSAGE PROCLAIMED IN POWER BY MEN WHO HAD NOT BEEN EDUCATED IN BATTLE CREEK. Among those who were engaged in the work, were young men taken from the plow and from the fields, and sent forth to preach the truth as it is in Jesus. Unquestioning faith in the Lord God of heaven was imparted to those who were called and chosen. ‘ALL THIS,’ SAID MY INSTRUCTOR, ‘IS A PARABLE OF WHAT SHOULD BE AND WHAT WILL BE.’” (The Paulson Collection of Ellen G. White Letters,” p. 52, by Ellen G. White)


“There is no excuse for those who have the light of present truth, and yet fail to impart this light to others. GOD CALLS FOR WORKERS. WE HAVE A GREAT WORK TO DO IN COOPERATING WITH HIM AS HIS HELPING HAND AND HELPING VOICE. Satan is casting his hellish shadow across the pathway of every soul, seeking to eclipse the testing truth for these last days. We are to sound the message of warning to a guilty race. We are to present to men the binding claims of God’s law, so that when Christ comes they will not be found in disloyalty, on the side of the Apostate. We must now prepare the way of the Lord. We must make plain in the desert a highway for our God.–Manuscript 22, March 3, 1901, ‘Diary.’” (The Upward Look, p. 76, by Ellen G. White)


“The source of all power is presented before us, the One who is rich in resources, so that we ‘having all sufficiency in all things may abound to every good work.’ The Lord is bestowing his goods upon his people, and he expects that every individual will make him corresponding returns. We should keep before the mind the fact that Jesus is soon coming, and that solemn obligations rest upon us who have received the light of truth; for we are to let our light shine forth to others who are in darkness. No one will be approved of God if he waits in idle expectancy, dwelling upon the theory or doctrine of Christ’s second coming, yet doing little to impart the light which God has graciously given him. Those who have received of the heavenly gift are required of God to impart the same to others.

“THERE IS GREAT WORK TO BE DONE IN WARNING THE WORLD, NOT ALONE BY PRECEPT, BUT BY EXAMPLE. The soul must be prepared through the purifying influence of the truth for the coming of our Lord and Saviour in the clouds of heaven. This great event is before us. The end is near, and words of warning must be given to those who are nigh at hand, and to those who are afar off. We cannot be guiltless before God if we do not show our faith by our works. We should heed the exhortation given to Timothy, ‘Take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine; continue in them [having no changeable, fitful experience]: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself and them that hear thee.’ ‘Testifying both to the Jews and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.’ This is the work that every converted soul will aim to do, because God had made him the depository of sacred trusts.” (The Home Missionary, October 1, 1894 issue, article title: “Work Appointed for All,” pars. 2,3, by Ellen G. White)


“Lest we should think only of great and gifted men, to the neglect of the poorer classes, those who are in humble circumstances, Christ in the parable of the great supper instructs his messengers to go also to those in the byways and hedges, to the poor and lowly of this earth. GO TO THOSE IN GROSS DARKNESS, AND AS MANY AS YOU SHALL FIND, BID TO THE FEAST. THIS IS THE WORK WE ARE TO DO. Labor is to be put forth for all classes.

“THE HUMBLEST MEN AND WOMEN HAVE THEIR APPOINTED WORK. THE MOST LOWLY, IF THEY WILL RECEIVE THE TRUTH, WILL BE ACCEPTED BY CHRIST TO DO HIS WORK. THE LORD WILL DO A GREAT WORK THROUGH HUMBLE MEN IN REACHING HUMBLE MEN. GOD WILL ACCEPT THE TALENTS OF THE GREATEST MEN, BUT IF THESE REFUSE TO RETURN TO HIM THEIR INTRUSTED GIFTS, HE USES HUMBLER WORKERS. It is God who has given men all the power they possess. Those who refuse to use their gifts in his appointed way will be left to their own finite wisdom, to lose their all. God will accept the patient, loving service of lowly people. Through the skill of a multitude of humble workers he will carry on his work.” (The Review and Herald, May 8, 1900 issue, article title: “The Call to the Feast,” pars. 12,13, by Ellen G. White)


“MANY LOOK UPON THE GREAT WORK TO BE ACCOMPLISHED FOR GOD’S PEOPLE, AND THEIR PRAYERS GO UP TO GOD FOR HELP IN THE GREAT HARVEST. BUT LIKE THE JEWISH NATION, IF HELP DOES NOT COME IN JUST THE MANNER THEY HAVE ARRANGED, THEY WILL NOT RECEIVE IT, BUT TURN FROM THAT HELP AS THE JEWISH NATION TURNED FROM CHRIST, BECAUSE DISAPPOINTED IN THE MANNER OF HIS APPEARING. Too much poverty and humility marked his advent, and in their pride they refused him who came to give them life. In this God would have the church humble their hearts, and see the great need of correcting their ways before him, lest he visit them with judgment. Pride of dress and the external adorning is made of far more importance with many who profess godliness, than the inward adorning. Had the church all humbled themselves before God, and corrected their past errors so fully as to meet the mind of God, they would not be so deficient in estimating moral excellence of character.” (Testimony for the Church at Battle Creek, p. 53, by Ellen G. White)


“Before Christ clothed His divinity with humanity and came to our world, God sent this message through Noah, Enoch, Seth, and Methuselah. Lot bore the message in Sodom, and a race of messengers proclaimed the coming One. But at this time the message is to be proclaimed everywhere. . . .

“THE FEAST IS NOW SPREAD. THE LAST INVITATION TO BE GIVEN IS TO GO FORTH TO ALL NATIONS TO THE END OF THE WORLD. THIS IS OUR WORK. THE MESSENGERS ARE NOW IN A MORE SPECIAL SENSE TO CALL, ‘HEARKEN DILIGENTLY.’ THE MESSAGE IS TO GO FORTH FROM THE LIPS OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCES. He who came to our world to proclaim the message was the Lord Himself. Then tell the people that Christ came in human form, that His humanity might touch humanity, and that His divinity might lay hold upon divinity. His servants are to be linked together. ‘Ye are labourers together with God,’ He says. ‘Ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.’ IF HIS WORKERS WILL BE WORKED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT, A GREAT WORK CAN BE DONE. ‘Compel them to come in’ are the words addressed to the messengers, ‘that my house may be filled.’ The Lord means that we shall be in earnest. If we are wholly consecrated to God, the Holy Spirit will work with us.

“Look at our world today, you who claim to be Christians. Are you awake to the situation as you see how the kindness and love of a long-for-bearing God is treated with contempt and absolute rejection? Finite, fallen human beings in need of pardon and peace, and all are invited to come. The Lord Jesus, the Great Teacher, gives the invitation, but often it is met with frivolous excuses or turned from with jesting and contempt. All who will may come and respond to the gracious invitation. Why cannot people see the importance of accepting the call and making their peace with God?

“The devil is not dead. He is working with all his attractive allurements to persuade people to close their ears that they shall not hear, and thousands who ought to be giving this testing message to the world are hiding their talents in the earth. They are making no use of their powers to draw souls to the bountifully spread table. Unfaithful, slothful servants! God will call you to account. But we thank God that there are some faithful voices heard, that there are some who feel their responsibility, and who are at work with every means in their power to compel them to come in.—Letter 89, 1898.” (Christ Triumphant, p. 66, by Ellen G. White)


“When the reproach of indolence and slothfulness shall have been wiped away from the church, the Spirit of the Lord will be graciously manifested. Divine power will be revealed. The church will see the providential working of the Lord of hosts. The light of truth will shine forth in clear, strong rays, and, as in the time of the apostles, many souls will turn from error to truth. The earth will be lighted with the glory of the Lord.