Here is the wording on the picture, followed by more (all-caps added for emphasis):

The following is from the November 1, 2018, issue of Vance Ferrell’s newsletter, “Checkpoints,” and is included in his book titled “Broken Blueprint”:

“On July 16, 1915, at the age of 87, ELLEN WHITE passed to her rest. Within two months, Elder Burden was transferred to Paradise Valley Sanitarium. Shortly before her death, she had spoken to him.

“‘In talking with Elder John Burden shortly before his death, he told me that, during his last visit with SISTER WHITE, she made the statement that God was going to lay her to rest in order to save her the heartbreaking experience of seeing HER MESSAGE TO THE CHURCH REJECTED.’—Sherman A. Nagel, Newsletter, July 1961.”


Following is a current online link to Vance Ferrell’s book, “Broken Blueprint.” That quote is on page 91: